EXTRA: you can now wager on esports like CS:GO and DOTA on Betway

Written by Craig Jenner - 29/10/2018

Video games are no longer just for kids – they are now a big business, with $138 billion in sales estimated by the end of 2018. With players young and old combating each other online in games like Counterstrike, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and others, it is not hard to understand how this segment of the entertainment industry has become so big.

It has also evolved in ways that have surprised some people, as there are now leagues where teams of elite gamers face off against each other. Know a thing or two about esports? Apply your knowledge of these games by betting on your favourite squads on platforms like Betway.

We’ll explain more below.

Wait – betting on video games is a thing now?

Absolutely! Thanks to sites like Betway, you can now place wagers on esport league and tournament matches each day, every day. Whether your first love is DOTA or Overwatch, you’ll find odds for matches featuring the world’s leading teams in these games and others.

Of course, Betway wouldn’t be the leader in this niche of I-gaming if they didn’t provide bonuses for loyal customers. One of them allows CS:GO bettors to get their money back if their team wins the pistol rounds but fails to take the map – cool!

All in all, this is the best way to make your viewing experience on platforms like Twitch even more gripping. Place your bets, then watch as the match unfolds – sounds like fun to us!

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