Spice up the big game by placing wagers at Spin Casino Sports

Written by Craig Jenner - 28/08/2018

If you are a sports fan, the excitement and drama surrounding close games is a big reason why we watch. When they are decided in the final moments or in overtime, the feeling it produces is indescribable.

What if you could attach a big cash payday to the outcome? Scores of fans do this every day, and it does nothing but spice up the action of a game as it moves towards its conclusion.

There are many sites on the internet where you place your bets. Recently, Spin Casino Sports has entered the fray, and in doing so, is offering a promotion that will appeal to you as a passionate sports bettor.

What is this promotion all about?

To bring in the customers following its opening, Spin Casino Sports is presently running a deposit bonus promotion promising up to $200 in free bets. To unlock this house money, all you have to do is place five times your deposit on bets which have odds of 1.3 or greater.

That isn’t the only reason to wager with Spin Casino Sports, as their odds are among the most aggressive in the industry. This gives serious bettors a chance to earn a better win rate over the long haul, which is good news if you count yourself among this crowd.

Lastly, with a variety of bets to take, from which team will score first to over/unders, there are many ways you can push edges on Spin Casino Sports, making it one of the more interesting sportsbooks we’ve seen open in a while.

$1000 in Deposit Bonuses