Guts boasts a sharp new look as they turn five years old

Written by Craig Jenner - 27/09/2018

Creating a new I-gaming platform from the ground up is an incredibly difficult venture. The players already on the market enjoy a huge advantage in advertising, and as a newcomer, you have to battle against the stigma that you are just another fly-by-night operation.

Yet, in 2013, that’s exactly what a group of knowledgeable industry insiders did. They powered through the initial doldrums by offering a slick gaming experience informed by what they and their customers thought online gambling should be like.

Five years later, they are head and shoulders with the bigwigs they once looked up at. To celebrate this monumental achievement, they recently re-launched their website – and let us tell you, it is smooth.

Let’s expand on this below.

What’s up with Guts these days?

The biggest news is the launch of the new Guts sportsbook – giving this site’s 125,000 regulars the ability to bet on their favourite sport will add an exciting dimension to a site that already offers its gamers a wide slate of experiences.

Smaller features include continuous gameplay, a slicker interface that makes handling your bonuses much easier, and a look that makes you feel like you are in a swanky land-based casino instead of lying in bed on your laptop.

No matter whether you choose to bust the table nit at the poker tables or hit on 16 at blackjack, the new Guts interface will make your experience a much more enjoyable one.

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