Start the New Year with 888, and you could WIN $188 – just like that!

Written by Craig Jenner - 26/12/2019
Psromotion Summary
  • Log onto 888Casino on January 1st – and the first of every month thereafter
  • 26 players will be chosen at random to win bonus cash prizes
  • 20 players will get $8, four players will receive $88, and two will score $188

After the busyness of the holidays, there’s something refreshing about New Year’s Day. At the end of a hectic season, January offers an opportunity to start anew.

So, 2019 might not have been the best year luck-wise. Forget about all that – it’s in the past now. That elusive hot streak you spent months chasing may be around the corner.

It might begin by merely logging into 888Casino on January 1st. Follow us below the fold, and we’ll explain further.

How does this promo work?

On January 1st (and the first of every month after that), 888Casino gives away HUNDREDS in bonus cash prizes. How can you get your hands on this FREE DOUGH?

It’s as simple as logging in. That’s it. Will your hungover body into entering your login details, you could win BONUS CASH, just like that!

On that day, 888Casino will hand 20 players $8, four players $88, and two lucky ducks $188! What damage could you do with a $188 boost to your bankroll? There’s only one way to find out!

Set your alarm on New Year’s Eve – this is one promotion you won’t want to miss!

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