Get money back with every spin, bet, and ball drop at PartyCasino

Written by Craig Jenner - 26/12/2018
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Not every session is a winner. Scores of spins without wins, busting repeatedly when hitting on 13/14, and hitting black seven times in a row when you are on red are just a few of the ways one can lose.

In these times, it helps to have a generous bonus to grind. However, many of these have strings attached. After all, how can you wager 30x through a bonus when you are running like garbage?

What you need is a cashback program. Right now, PartyCasino is offering one to all its customers, with no requirements tied to it. We’ve got all the details below.

What does this program involve?

For every dollar you bet, you’ll get a portion of it back. That’s the premise of PartyCasino’s cashback program. Not every game is the same, though: blackjack lovers will only get back 0.05% of each bet, while those on jackpot slots will earn back 0.5% with every spin.

Not earning money back presently? That can be fixed with the press of a switch. Next time you log on to PartyCasino, scroll to the top of the page and press the ‘opt-in’ button.

From that point on, you’ll get back a portion of every bet, ensuring you make money no matter how bad you run.

That said, we wish you nothing but the best at the tables tonight. Go get ‘em!

$500 & 120 Free Spins