Start your weekend with free spins at Guts Casino

Written by Craig Jenner - 26/07/2018

Let’s be honest for a second: most of us hate our jobs, or we at least find them to be excruciatingly boring. We work for pay, so we can finance our lifestyles off the job, or so we can raise our kids right and set them up for college.

As a result, we spend much of our time from Monday through Thursday dreaming of Friday afternoon, when we’ll finally have 48 uninterrupted hours to do as we please. 

As awesome as the usual leisure activities are, the thrills online slots can provide stand out to you for the moments of exhilaration they can provide. If you love what your site offers, you need to know about the latest promotion Guts is offering.

What is this promotion about?

Fridays on Guts Casino are exciting times for slots fans, as they offer depositors a chance to win big with ten free spins. So long as you put $10 or more on Guts, they will give you ten chances to hit it big on a selected slot each Friday.

With no strings attached with respect to minimum wagering requirements, you won’t have to risk a downswing just to unlock this bonus – just take your spins and anything you win is yours!

Just input the code ‘GUTSPIN’ when you deposit and you’ll be good to go – whether you win a ton while freerolling or afterwards, we wish you nothing but the best of luck this weekend.

$100 & 115 Free Spins