PAYDIRT: Make up to $10,000 more in parlay profits on Unibet!

Written by Craig Jenner - 25/11/2019
Psromotion Summary
  • Wager up to $40 on Unibet Sportsbook
  • Select the profit boost ticket from the drop-down menu
  • Earn up to an additional $10,000 on a 3-fold parlay or higher

For you, weekends are all about sports — hockey on Saturdays, football on Sundays. You wait your entire workweek for this – fast plays, hard hits, and best of all, profitable outcomes.

You’re a bettor. Ever since you were young, sports have been your life. Combined with intuition, this experience has made your picks sought after by friends.

You’re proud of the fact that you’re up money lifetime. Why stop there, though? Unibet offers folks like yourself the chance to skyrocket your profits. Follow us below the fold, and we’ll tell you more.

How does this promo work?

Every day, Unibet offers bettors the chance to jack their profits with an option called Multi-Boost. This profit-exploding feature is available on 3-fold parlays or higher.

Here’s how it works: Start by making a 3-fold parlay wager of up to $40. Then, select the multi-boost option from a drop-down menu on your bet slip. If your wager wins, you’ll get 10% more on 3-folds, 20% more on 4-folds, and 30% on 5-folds+.

All told, you could win a maximum of $10,000 extra ON TOP of your winnings. How would that much money improve your weekend? We would foresee a wild night out with the boys – what about you?

Deposit $100, Play with $200