Enjoy the perks of VIP membership on LeoVegas

Written by Craig Jenner - 25/01/2019

In every marketplace, there are businesses that take their customers for granted. They think that by merely supplying a product or service, enough customers will buy to keep their enterprise afloat. This attitude often leads to them treating customer service as a secondary concern, which in turn leads to customers who feel like a commodity rather than a valued asset.

However, there are others (usually the leaders in their respective industries) who put the customer first. By showing patrons how they care, they create loyal customers and evangelists.

The online casino industry is no different. It is no surprise that many of the best gambling sites on the web have VIP programs. Today, we’ll take a look at what LeoVegas offers its most frequent players – keep scrolling down for all the details.

What does this VIP program offer?

Want to join the LeoVegas VIP club? It’s easy – just opt into regular e-mails, and you’ll start earning points immediately. There are eight tiers in the LeoVegas VIP ladder – every wager you make will get you closer to climbing another rung.

The higher you go, the more benefits you’ll get. With souped-up bonuses, invites to trips and events, and personalized account managers being some of the nicer ones, you’ll have plenty of motivation to grind.

However, one cool benefit is available to members on all tiers. Monthly, there is a draw where one person from each level gets their name pulled. If you are among the winners, you’ll get to pick a prize from the LeoVegas VIP store – electronics, trips, and cash are some of the goodies that are up for grabs.

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