CASH IN on your love of volleyball with 20% profit boosts from LeoVegas!

Written by Craig Jenner - 24/09/2019
Psromotion Summary
  • Every week, claim two 20% volleyball profit boosts from LeoVegas
  • One can be wagered pre-match, the other during live play
  • Win up to $1,000 in extra profits with qualifying bets
  • Live profit-boosted wagers must be made on mobile to qualify
  • Pre-match bets must be made on a 2-fold parlay, on mobile, and have individual odds of 1.3 or higher to qualify

You’ve always stood out from your sports-loving friends. They’ve always watched and played popular games like hockey and basketball. And you? Volleyball has been the obsession of your life.

The digs, the spikes, the epic rallies – there’s nothing quite like this tragically underappreciated sport. Yet, try and find a game on TV – outside of the Olympics, it’s a struggle.

The same holds on sportsbooks. Often, it can be hard to find betting lines for volleyball. Not on LeoVegas – they cover the world of sports thoroughly. Not even volleyball escapes their attention.

This month, the FIVB Women’s World Cup is happening. Don’t just bet on the matches – BOOST your profits to the SKY with LeoVegas. Scroll below to learn more…

How does this promo work?

Every week until October 20th, LeoVegas sports bettors will receive two 20% volleyball profit boosts. If you love this action-packed game, don’t miss this opportunity.

Once you claim them, here’s how to use them. Each profit boost has conditions attached to it. You must use the first one on at least two pre-match contests (2-fold parlay). You must make your wager on mobile, and each leg of the parlay must have odds of 1.3 or greater.

You’ll use the second on in-play betting markets. Like the pre-match profit boost, you must use it on mobile. However, no odds restrictions apply to this wager.

Make the most of each profit boost, and you could earn a max of $1,000 in added profits! So, get out there and flex your volleyball knowledge – it’s your time!

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