MASSIVE JACKPOT ALERT: Mega Moolah top prize now over $12 million

Written by Craig Jenner - 22/08/2018

Ever wonder what it would be like to hit the ultimate score? To go from living a working-class existence to multi-millionaire with the click of a mouse? Every year, scores of people playing their favourite online slot games find out all that money goes a long way towards solving the biggest issues in their lives.

We all love a hot run when we hit a round of free spins – the proceeds often make for a fancy dinner out with your partner or a lively night out with your friends, but what if you won $12 million just by pulling a lever?

You’ll have lots of plans to make if you claim the current Mega Moolah jackpot – let’s talk about it a bit more below.

What do I need to know?

One of Microgaming’s most popular slots thanks to the massive progressive jackpot it offers, Mega Moolah is an attractively designed game with an African animal theme.

Offering five reels and 25 different lines on which you can place a bet, this game offers many ways for players to win small prizes while they attempt to gun for the big prize which continually builds with every spin players take.

Six people have won these gargantuan jackpots in 2018, with an average take of over $5.2 million. However, the next winner will walk off with an eight-figure score – will it be you?