Fit online gaming into your busy schedule with Rizk Races

Written by Craig Jenner - 22/02/2019
Promotion Summary
  • turbo slots tournament
  • tournaments last 25-55 minutes
  • free spins and cash prizes

You wish you could find time for all your passions, but between career and family, you struggle to find it. While you wouldn’t trade the success you’ve attained for anything, you half envy those who can waste an entire day playing casino games.

Fortunately, there is an increasing number of online casinos that are catering to the chronically busy. Of them, Rizk is leading the way with a game variant that allows you to pack an evening of gaming excitement into the space of an hour.

Keep reading below to find out more.

Rizk Races: what they are and how to play

Rizk has come up with an ongoing slot tournament that is over in no more than an hour. Called Rizk Races, they take place every half hour, around the clock. In addition to any winnings earned along the way, players are competing for a chance to win free spins or cash prizes.

If the latter interests you more, you’ll want to participate in the main races each day – with as no strings attached cash up for grabs, it will give you the quick thrill you’re craving after a long day at work.

How do you win? It’s simple – a handful of events earn you points – every winning spin, big win (10x/bet or more), winning streak (three wins in a row), or losing streak (three losses in a row) gets you points. Finish on the leaderboard, and you’ll win a prize!

That’s all that needs to be said – get on Rizk, sign up for a race, and hopefully, the slot reels will fall your way – good luck!

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