Experience the thrill of Rizk Races on Rizk

Written by Craig Jenner - 22/01/2019

Getting a bit bored with your favourite slot games? They have entertaining animations and stimulating sounds, but unless you hit a big spin, they can get tedious after a while.

After all, they lack the complexity of games like blackjack and poker. When all you have to do is pull a lever and pray, it’s understandable if you find yourself stifling yawns after an hour of no big wins.

Participating in slot tournaments is one way to inject excitement back into this simple game. Gaming sites all over the web offer them, but if you ask us, Rizk has one of the best concepts in the business.

Read on below for more details.

What is this tourney all about?

Rizk offers daily slot tournaments called Rizk Races. Available on the half hour, they can be played for as little as a $0.20 minimum bet. Once you enter, you have either 25 or 55 minutes to amass as many points as possible.

Regular Rizk Races offer free spins to those who place, while the Main Races dangle up to $1500 cash for first place finishers. All you have to do is get in your allotted spins, and see where you stand when the dust settles.

Ready for your slot sessions to become way more exciting? Make time for a Rizk Race tonight – just don’t get too carried away!

100% Bonus Up To $500 + 50 Free Spins