Level up to win free spins, cash, and other cool prizes with Casumo

Written by Craig Jenner - 21/11/2019
Psromotion Summary
  • Earn points for every wager you make on Casumo
  • These points fill your progress bar
  • Once the bar is full, you level up – this earns you free spins, bonus cash, and more

Gaming is supposed to be fun. However, some sites treat their customers like milk cows. Aside from an okay welcome bonus, they don’t offer players much in the way of promotions. It’s clear what you are to them – a source of revenue, and nothing else.

Casumo sees things differently. They know gaming is a form of entertainment for folks like you. They’ve poured a tonne of effort into making their platform one of the most fun out there.

This philosophy extends to their rewards program. Below, we’ll explain how you can earn all kinds of cool stuff just for playing on Casumo.

How does this promo work?

On Casumo, the fun starts from the second you place your first bet. At that point, you begin earning bonus points. Your current total is reflected by a progress bar, which fills, bit by bit, with each wager you make.

Once the bar maxes out, you level up. At this point, you get a gift – free spins, bonus cash, and deposit bonuses are all up for grabs. Then, the cycle repeats – the more you wager, the faster the meter rises.

These prizes can pay off big time – last year, Casumo gave away more than $5.1 million in jackpot wins. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Casumo and make an account today!

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