Share the awesomeness of Unibet with friends to get up to $300 BONUS CASH!

Written by Craig Jenner - 20/01/2020
Psromotion Summary
  • Opt in on Unibet’s “refer-a-friend” promo page
  • Invite up to ten friends
  • Get $30 in BONUS CASH for every friend that deposits on Unibet

Nothing makes weekends better than watching sports on TV. Were it not for football and hockey, you’d have to spend more time with the in-laws – yeesh!

These matches have only gotten even better since you started wagering on Unibet. With unparalleled coverage, incredible odds, and killer promotions, it’s the best sportsbook you’ve ever played on.

If you’re having such a great time, though, why keep it to yourself? Life is better when you share it with friends. In this case, however, you have more to gain than merely adding excitement to your bestie’s lives.

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How does this promo work?

Sports betting is far more fun when you go head-to-head with your best friends. If you’re going to get your pals involved, why not score a victory right off the bat?

Get them to sign up with Unibet via their “refer-a-friend” page. Start by opting in, then enter the e-mail addresses of up to ten friends.

Do this, and you’ll get $30 PER friend that clears their bonus requirements to a maximum of $300. That’s $300 of the easiest dollars you’ll ever MAKE!

Have more fun and start the new year +$300 in profit – jump on this offer ASAP!

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