Love to gamble? Hit consecutive blackjacks on Guts and win cash bonuses

Written by Craig Jenner - 19/11/2018

When luck is flowing your way, blackjack can be a beautiful game. Its even better when you keep getting dealt everyone’s favourite hand – ace-face card (or ten), a combo otherwise known as blackjack.

Not only is it an unbeatable hand, it usually pays 3:2 – making for a particularly profitable session when they are being dealt to you often. Want to make even more off those hot sessions? Guts Casino is about to become your new favourite site on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – scroll on down for the details.

What does this promotion involve?

On these two days (between 6:01 pm ET Tuesday and 5:59 pm ET Wednesday), Guts players accessing Live Evolution Blackjack will have a chance to win a cash bonus for hitting consecutive blackjacks.

If you manage to hit between two and five blackjacks in a row, you’ll win a cash bonus from the fine folks at Guts. Two blackjacks will earn you $20, three gets you $30, four will net you $40, and an unthinkable five in a row will have you walking away with $50.

Note that you can’t win this bonus multiple times: if you get three in a row early in your session, then two in a row later on, you’ll win $30, not $50. In other words, the best streak within the 24 hour period will be the standard used to award you a cash bonus.

With that explained, hit the tables, run good, and have fun!

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