‘8’ is the luckiest number on 888Casino’s live roulette tables

Written by Craig Jenner - 19/01/2019

Roulette is a casino game everybody can get behind. Want to make money one coin flip at a time? Bet on colours, even/odd, and high/low – all offer odds of 1:1. Feeling bold? Line, corner, and street bets, which boast odds of 5:1, 8:1, and 11:1 respectively, will have you raking in the cash if Lady Luck is in your corner.

However, even the most dedicated gambler will hesitate to bet on a single number. If they do, they spread out their risk over multiple selections, as each straight up bet has odds of 35:1 against.

What if you could get paid for a straight up bet without even making one? A new 888Casino promotion will have you rooting for ‘8’ to hit every time the ball is unleashed – keep on scrolling down below to find out more.

What is this promotion about?

The Live Roulette table in the 888 private room is where you’ll want to be every day from 3 to 4 pm Eastern. During this time, ‘8’ is the number everyone wants to see – when it hits, everybody wagering $8 or greater will earn $8 in bonus cash.

Not impressed? What if I told you the same numbers can hit more than once during a session? Live casino roulette tables can get in 60 to 80 spins per hour – if you’re running well, ‘8’ could come up multiple times.

Ready to start 2019 with some bonus cash? We’ll see you over on 888 soon!

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