From free bets to Grey Cup tickets, LeoVegas is your CFL betting HQ this season!

Written by Craig Jenner - 18/08/2019
Psromotion Summary
  • Place qualifying wagers on CFL games (1.8 or greater on mobile)
  • Every qualifying bet earns you leaderboard points
  • Snag free wagers for every 3rd qualifying bet made (max two/week)

Summer is a snooze fest for American sports fans. Except for the occasional MLS game, baseball dominates the airwaves. If you don’t like slower-paced sports, you’re out of luck.

We Canadians are lucky. Our football season starts in June. All summer and fall, CFL end zones are filled with celebrating quarterbacks, receivers, and running backs.

With one fewer down, you’d think the action couldn’t get any better. You’d be wrong – with money resting on the game, every play becomes more meaningful. When a successful 3rd and goal defence stands between you and a $100 win, you’ll know what we mean.

This summer, LeoVegas is one of the best spots to park your wagering dollar. Always wanted to go to the Grey Cup? You owe it to yourself to keep reading below.

How does this promo work?

CFL action can get hectic – sometimes, wins become losses within a few plays. LeoVegas understands this pain all too well. For every third qualifying bet (mobile wager with odds 1.8 or higher), they’ll give you a free wager. With two freebies available per week, LeoVegas has your back!

That’s not all they’re offering, though. Bet often enough on CFL and NFL games thru November 3rd, and you could be off to the Grey Cup! Every qualifying bet gets you points – wager boldly, and you could be off to Calgary this November – yahoo!

$1000 + 122 Free Spins