Go hunting for blackjacks and win big prizes on Guts

Written by Craig Jenner - 17/08/2018

It’s undeniable: blackjack is the king of table games in any casino, be it brick & mortar or on the internet.

Its easy-to-understand rules and small house edge has granted it enduring popularity, as many players will spend hours chasing a hot streak that will help them spin up their bankroll.

If you are one of these folks, there is a blackjack promotion we believe you’ll find quite exciting. Until the 29th of August, Guts Casino is offering bonuses to those who have the guts to chase consecutive blackjacks. 

Let’s expand on that below the fold.

What does this promotion involve?

Called Blackjack Boost, this promotion is offered to players who play Live Blackjack Evolution between the hours of 6:01 pm EDT Tuesday to Wednesday at 5:59 EDT (until August 29th). During this time, players have the opportunity to earn a cash bonus if they hit at least two consecutive blackjacks.

The minimum prize is $20, with the peak award being $50 should a player manage to hit an unthinkable five blackjacks in a row.

So, do you feel lucky, punk? Jump on Guts today and see how good you can run playing Live Blackjack Evolution!

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