Achieve sports betting immortality: join the LeoVegas Sports Hall of Fame

Written by Craig Jenner - 16/02/2019
Psromotion Summary
  • valid throughout 2019
  • monthly cash prizes of $250

Sports have defined your entire life. When you haven’t been on field/ice playing, you’ve been in front of the TV watching your heroes compete. By the time you reached adulthood, you not only amassed an impressive body of knowledge, but you had also developed a feel for how particular games were going to go.

This has made you the most successful sports bettor among your group of friends. It’s no longer a competition when you match wits with them – you’re better than they are when it comes to picking winners.

It’s time for a new challenge – in 2019, LeoVegas has provided just that. Read more about it below.

How does this promotion work?

Each month this year, LeoVegas will be giving its best sports bettors a chance to achieve immortality. The winner in three categories will gain admission to the LeoVegas Sports Hall of Fame, as well as $250.

How can you get into this prestigious institution? First, log into LeoVegas via mobile. Second, choose one of three paths – make the most money from a single wager, win a bet that has the longest odds, or win the biggest parlay of the month.

Yes, the risk involved is high, but you know what they say – no guts, no glory. We hope to see your name lit up in the LeoVegas Sports Hal of Fame at some point in 2019!

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