Chase after the $7.5 million CAD Joker Millions jackpot on LeoVegas

Written by Craig Jenner - 15/09/2018

Ever dream what it would be like to be a multi-millionaire? We all have, as many of our dreams require more money than we have – a LOT more.

Not all of us can ascend to the top rung of the corporate ladder – but anyone can pull a lever on a virtual slot machine and win ungodly sums of cash.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll have a chance to do that by playing Joker Millions. Available on gaming sites like LeoVegas, it presently has a jackpot over $7.5 million.

Want to win a prize the size of a typical 6/49 jackpot (but have WAY more fun in the process?) Read on below.

How do I win?

To claim this gigantic jackpot, you’ll need to win your way into the jackpot spin round. Joker Millions is a classic-themed slots game that boasts a three-row, five-reel setup. Its symbols include familiar icons like bells, 7s, cherries, etc.

However, you’ll want to spin jokers – get one on each reel, and you’ll be sent to a bonus game where you’ll have a chance to walk away with millions of dollars.

The object of this game: spin as many jokers as possible. Every one you hit will net you cash, but as you continue to take spins, they will hold their position. The game continues until you fail to hit at least one joker or until you fill all 15 slots.

If you achieve the second goal, any money issues you had will vanish, as $7.5 million will be YOURS.

What are you waiting for? Jump on LeoVegas and become Canada’s next millionaire!

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