Catch the hockey bug with ‘Rizk-free’ bets courtesy of Rizk

Written by Craig Jenner - 15/05/2019
Psromotion Summary
  • free bet if first wager doesn't win in all remaining rounds
  • bet $20-$49, and a $10 ‘Rizk-free’ bet is yours
  • the more you bet, the more you'll get back if you don't win

If you’re new to Canada, you may be curious about hockey. This time is the best to start watching, as the intensity of this sport has hit a fever-pitch.

The regular season is through. Teams now play a series against a specific opponent. The first to four wins advances to the next round. The loser goes golfing.

At this point, we’re halfway through the Stanley Cup playoffs. The remaining teams are eight wins away from hoisting The Cup. You can feel the electricity in the crowd with each passing game.

Could it get any better than this? Actually, it can. Many fans lay money down on these matches to heighten the drama. Want to do the same, but scared of losing your hard-earned cash? Rizk is where you’ll want to play – we’ll explain more below.

What is this promo all about?

During the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Rizk really wants your business. How badly do they want it? In each of the remaining rounds, they’re prepared to hand you a free bet if your first wager doesn’t win.

You read right – they’ll reward you for losing. Let’s dig into the details.

Bet $20-$49, and a $10 ‘Rizk-free’ bet is yours. If your wager falls between $50-$99, a $25 free bet will be your reward. If you’re feeling saucy and bet more than $100, you’ll get a free $50 wager to ease the pain.

Now that your cold feet are warm, get out there and start betting like a champion – good luck!

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