Feel the excitement of slot tournaments 24/7 with Rizk Races

Written by Craig Jenner - 14/11/2019
Psromotion Summary
  • Rizk Races are short-duration (55 minutes) slot tournaments
  • New Rizk Races go every hour on the hour
  • Prizes range from free spins to up to $1,000 in real cash

The thrill. The excitement. The drama. Tournaments offer an adrenaline rush you can’t get from normal gaming. Back when you played sports, you lived for them.

As much as you would like to participate in a slot tourney, though, you can’t find time for them. Often, these contests can last all day, or in some cases, an entire week.

Before you start feeling left out, cheer up – there is a slot tourney made to fit your busy schedule. Below, we’ll tell you all about Rizk Races – don’t miss it!

How does this promo work?

Most of us lead busy lives. Several years ago, Rizk saw a gap in the market – slot tournaments. Most lasted far too long for the average gamers.

Enter the Rizk Race. Rizk Races are short-duration slot tournaments that last no longer than 55 minutes. You earn points four different ways: By winning, scoring big wins, going on winning streaks, and losing streaks.

Rizk Races launch every hour-on-the-hour – if you’re among the top finishers, you win everything from free spins to $1,000 cash. If you seek the latter, be at your laptop every day at 3 pm ET. Otherwise, you’ll be playing for free spins that COULD win you more than that!

Imbue your day with excitement – slot a Rizk Race into your schedule!

100% Bonus Up To $500 + 50 Free Spins