The All Slots Rewards Program: Play a tonne, EARN a tonne of cash, perks, and more!

Written by Craig Jenner - 14/10/2019
Psromotion Summary
  • Get 2,500 loyalty points with your first deposit on All Slots Casino
  • Earn loyalty points from the first wager you make
  • Redeem loyalty points for bonus credits
  • The more loyalty points you earn, the faster you’ll climb through the loyalty tiers
  • The higher you rise, the more perks (e.g., personal account manager) you’ll receive

These days, there’s an increasing trend towards exclusive VIP programs. To get in, you have to wager through an absurd amount each month.

That’s doable for 1% of the gaming population, but what about the rest of us? Press our face against the window and watch rich gamers live it up? NO! How about joining a site that rewards effort instead of wealth?

That’s what the All Slots Casino Reward Program promises. Scroll below the fold, and we’ll share the details.

How does this promo work?

Your enrollment in the All Slots Casino Rewards Program starts from the second you deposit. When you first put money online, you’ll get 2,500 loyalty points. Then, you’ll earn points with every spin you take and bet you make.

As you amass points, you can convert them to bonus cash whenever you like. Also, as you pass specific benchmarks, you’ll ascend All Slot’s loyalty tiers. Everybody starts at bronze. With enough effort, you can reach Prive, the highest level.

Along the way, you’ll enjoy better bonuses, better-earning multipliers, and perks like personal account managers. Are you ready to earn your benefits online? Give the All Slots Rewards Program a spin today!

$1500 Bonus Package