Get a free shot at hundreds of dollars every day on 21.com

Written by Craig Jenner - 14/08/2019
Psromotion Summary
  • Every day, 21.com is dishing out hundreds in bonus cash to lucky customers
  • Use your one free spin per day on the Game of the Month
  • Finish with a top 5 coin score to win up to $350 in bonus cash

Life just ain’t fair. The other day, you learned your CEO makes in an hour than you do all shift. What do CEOs do that makes them worth that much, anyway? You work just as hard (if not HARDER) than they do, and you only get by.

You deserve a break. Over on 21.com, they’re running a promo that could make you $350 – in the blink of an eye on slots. Find out more about it below.

How does this promotion work?

21.com is running a contest they call the 210k prize pool. Each day, they’re giving their customers one free spin and – wait, don’t click away. This promo isn’t a lame one – promise!

Still with us? Good. So, you’ll be taking this spin on the Game of the Month. In June, that’s the Hall of the Mountain King. But that’s not the important part. The object of this promotion is to nail the highest coin win. Hit a massive combo, and you could win hundreds of bonus dollars.

You’re shooting for the top five. First place gets $350. Simple, right?

Here’s some technical stuff to keep in mind. First and foremost, you must have deposited in the past three months. If it’s been a while, quickly stick 20 bucks online. Secondly, all bonus wins are subject to 21x wagering requirements. You’ll only have 21 days to get it done, so no dawdling!

Put yourself in a position to get lucky – take your one free spin each day, every day on 21.com!

210 No Deposit Free Spins & $210 Welcome Bonus