Indulge your love of cats and slots by playing Microgaming’s latest smash hit

Written by Craig Jenner - 09/09/2018

Any slot game can be fun when you are winning. However only the best titles maintain player interest through a prolonged dry streak.

There is an incentive, therefore, to create games with high replay value, as they keep us engaged regardless of our results in the moment.

Over the years, Microgaming has excelled at this, as they have put out a long string of titles which have risen to stations of popularity in various online casinos across the internet.

It appears that Exotic Cats is about to join this lengthy list of hits, as its first few weeks of play have been met by nothing but praise from critics and players alike.

What is this game about?

Exotic Cats takes place in a jungle far far away, where great fortunes are waiting to be won by those brave enough to penetrate its thick brush. Gameplay takes place on a 5 X 3 grid, which fill up with cats and other symbols players can use to make winning lines.

If you hit a cat on a reel that is guarded by a cat of a similar type, this will trigger a wild card effect, exponentially increasing the winnings that you would have otherwise won.

That isn’t the only way to win big at this slot game, though – hit between three to five scatter symbols, and you will be sent to a free spin game where are you will have a chance to blow your winnings straight through the jungle canopy.