Make money betting on soccer with the LeoVegas Football Club

Written by Craig Jenner - 08/10/2018

Live, eat, and breathe soccer? It’s time you took all that knowledge that’s knocking around in the recesses of your mind and put it to work.

How? By using it to find diamonds in the rough in online sportsbooks. Every day, bookies on sites like LeoVegas are tasked with setting betting lines for dozens of games, sometimes over multiple sports.

As smart as they are, they are bound to make some wrong calls. This allows you, the smart sports bettor, to make selections that are profitable over the long run.

What’s more, many of these sites offer sweet promotions which can enhance your winnings even more. LeoVegas just launched an amazing one – learn about it below.

What does this promotion involve?

A few weeks ago, the LeoVegas Football Club debuted. This is a scheme which gives out bonuses like free bets and profit boosts to gamers who bet on games with 1.5 odds or higher consistently.

In this club, your inaugural bet will earn you a 5% profit bonus, your fifth will get you a free bet, and every fifth after will earn you increasingly better prizes.

Make 25 wagers in a month, and you’ll graduate to the Premier Ladder. This gives you $20 free bets with every fifth bet you make, and every win will get you points on a monthly leaderboard.

End up in 1st at the end and you’ll get to go to one of a number of football hotbeds. Barcelona, Buenos Aires, and Liverpool are just a few places you could visit.

Sound good? Get out there and crush it – we have faith in you!

$1000 + 122 Free Spins