Craving big wins? Give Ave Caesar a try on PartyCasino

Written by Craig Jenner - 07/12/2018

Ask any slot player why they play, and many will cite the thrill one experiences when hitting a big spin. Unlike other games, which require one to remember a boatload of rules to play optimally, all you have to do when playing slots is bet and pull the lever.

However, not all machines play the same. Some prioritize frequent wins to keep players engaged, while others allocate more money to fewer winning spins to increase the amount won. Ave Caesar, a newer slot game on PartyCasino, falls in the latter category.

If frequent (but small) wins leave you unsatisfied, this game is definitely for you. Scroll on below to learn more about this fun title.

How does this game work?

Ave Caesar takes its inspiration from the Roman Empire, with Roman numerals, gladiators, and Caesars being among its symbols. It is a progressive jackpot slots game, meaning that a portion of each bet is taken to fund an ever-growing jackpot that often reaches well into the five figures.

You won’t have to wait until you hit the elusive jackpot spin to hit it big, though – its winning spins, while fewer in number than the average slot, pay out more on average. Its biggest winning combo is five Golden Caesars, giving you 1,000x your original stake.

However, this means its RTP percentage is low – around 93% to be exact. If you need constant stimulation or hate long losing stretches, this game may not be for you. If you love hitting big wins and are patient, though – give Ave Caesar a shot.

$500 & 120 Free Spins