Bet on hockey and win big on LeoVegas

Written by Craig Jenner - 04/12/2018

After a summer spent pining for the return of Canada’s favourite pastime, the NHL is back. 20 games in, initial results have surprised and shocked many fans. You aren’t one of them – except for one or two missed predictions, you foresaw the success of many teams that are now in position to make the playoffs.

However, why should you just be content with the smug satisfaction of being right? You could be using your hockey intuition to make big money betting on hockey. Some sportsbooks are better than others, as they have looser odds and have killer promotions.

LeoVegas definitely fits that description, especially on the second count. If you are looking for a place to bet on hockey, stay with us as we fill you in on an amazing bonus that is sure to make you more money that you would otherwise earn.

What does this promotion involve?

From now until January 6, 2019, LeoVegas‘ sportsbook is offering profit boosts on hockey parlay bets. So long as the odds are 1.4 or greater, you’ll have a chance to expand your potential earnings on a successful bet.

Three-game parlays qualify for a 10% boost, four packs get a 20% lift, and if you convert on a five-game pick, your end profit will be 35% greater.

The biggest bet allowed $30, meaning you could earn up to $500 per bet. Imagine what you could do all that extra cash!

$1000 + 122 Free Spins