Take soccer parlay betting to the next level with LeoVegas BetBuilder

Written by Craig Jenner - 04/08/2019
Psromotion Summary
  • Construct massive 12-fold parlay bets with LeoVegas BetBuilder
  • Wager on winners, goal scorers, corners, yellow/red cards, etc. in soccer matches
  • Eligible leagues/tournaments include the World Cup, Champions League, English Premier League, and many others

Soccer truly is the most beautiful game on Earth. This may make your unworldly friends roll their eyes – but they don’t know the half of it. Yeah, hockey action is fast and exciting, but too often, the game is out of reach by the end of the 2nd period.

In soccer, a single goal decides the vast majority of games. This means, from the opening whistle to full-time, every play is much more meaningful. If you’ve got a roll of toonies riding on the outcome, it magnifies every high-danger play.

There is a downside, though – many top clubs are even in skill. Even a single bet on an underdog doesn’t pay out much. That’s where parlay betting comes in – they hit less often, but the payouts can be MASSIVE.

That’s where LeoVegas BetBuilder comes in. Read on below, and find out how you can make 12-fold wagers on a single match!

How does this promotion work?

Single soccer bets are such weaksauce. Parlays leverage your betting money, turning into a payout worth sweating over. LeoVegas BetBuilder has taken this concept to the extreme. This sports betting feature allows you to construct a wager with up to twelve parts.

Don’t like channel surfing to track multiple matches? No worries – LeoVegas BetBuilder keeps all the action in one game. From match outcomes to the final goal scorer, you can keep track of all your wagers without picking up the remote.

Ready to score $500 instead of a piddly $50? Give LeoVegas BetBuilder a shot next time you sit down to watch some futbol!

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