Love scratch cards? Play Cricket Star this week to win $100 on Zodiac Casino

Written by Craig Jenner - 04/06/2019
Psromotion Summary
  • Chance for scratch card fans to add to their winnings
  • Daily, the top 5 players of Cricket Stars will win $100
  • Win or lose, it's alright as top 5 players are the biggest wagerers

Ever since you were young, the excitement of scratch cards has had you hooked. The removal of panels built tension – even if you lost, the possibility of a payday was worth the experience.

You still pick up the occasional card when you’re at the corner store, but online’s your jam now. You no longer have to travel to get them – they load instantly on gaming sites. What’s more, you recently found out that online scratch cards have a better RTP than paper cards. More convenient and more wins – what is there not to like?

What if you could win $100, just for taking part in one of your favourite pastimes? That’s what Zodiac Casino promises this week – scroll below for more details.

How does this promotion work?

Up until 8 pm Eastern on June 5th, scratch card fans will have a chance to add to their winnings. Every day until contest end on Zodiac Casino, the top five players on Cricket Star will receive $100.

Don’t worry if you have a bad session – this contest will reward the biggest wagerers, not winners. And even if you fall short tonight, no sweat – you can come back tomorrow and compete again.

Two limitations exist, though: firstly, you must have $20 in your account throughout the promotion period. Secondly, the bonus cash has wagering requirements attached to it. Apart from that, you’ve got an awesome week ahead, as you could win $100 doing what you love.

Go hard, and run good – we believe in you!

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