888Casino turns 21: celebrate by winning a huge deposit bonus

Written by Craig Jenner - 01/09/2018

Once upon a time, the internet was the latest craze, in much the same way crypto is today. Looking back, it blows our minds that there are legal adults alive who have never known a world without this killer app.

Back in its early days, it barely supported text, pictures, and potato quality video, yet, online gaming sites were among the first commercial enterprises to set up shop on the web.

888Casino was one of the first companies to open in this space – since then, many of its colleagues have fallen by the wayside, but it is still one of the original operators still in the business, as it is marking its 21st year on the internet this month.

To celebrate this feat, 888Casino is offering gamers an incredible deposit bonus – let us break it down for you below.

What is this promotion about?

Until the 3rd of September, all customers depositing at least $20 will be allowed to spin a bonus wheel twice per day (per deposit). Wherever it stops will determine your prize, but you’ll get a minimum prize of 15% of your deposit (to a cap of $200). Luckier customers may win up to 40%, with the luckiest of the bunch winning $888 in free play.

Imagine the payday you could earn off that amount of free credits? In short, it is the stuff of dreams, but you can’t win if you don’t spin the wheel, so upload some money to 888Casino via debit and give it a go!

$88 Free Play + $1500