Sign on to 888 the 1st of each month for your chance to win up to $188

Written by Craig Jenner - 01/01/2019

We could all use a little extra cash this time of year. With Christmas shopping kicking into high gear, gatherings with friends, and massive meals lying ahead, we will all be spending more than normal this month.

Thankfully, 888Casino puts on a promotion that gives its players a chance to win cash by logging on. That’s it. Do you need some low-effort cash in your life? Keep scrolling on below for the details.

How do I take advantage of this promotion?

On January 1st (and on every 1st for the foreseeable future), 888Casino awards 26 of its customers cash just for being faithful. When these lucky ducks punch in their username and password on this day, they’ll get a notice that they have won either $8, $88, or $188.

20 people will get the first prize, 4 will win the second, while 2 really cool folks will earn $188. It’s not a zero-effort gift, though – 30x wagering requirements are in effect.

If you are one of the winners, you may have to put in some grind time on your favourite slot games. Once you unlock it, though, you’ll be free to spend it on whatever holiday fun you want.

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