PayPal is the most popular money transfer service on the internet. It’s convenient, fast, and supports a wide variety of currencies, including the Canadian dollar. Unfortunately for us Canadians, PayPal can’t be used for internet gambling…yet.

Only Brits, Scandinavians and lucky people in a couple of other European countries get to take advantage of PayPal transfers at online casinos. Below you’ll find the best casinos which cover alternative Canadian payment methods, like Interac, bank wire transfers, and several e-wallet options like iDebit and InstaDebit.

The Best Alternatives for PayPal Casinos March 2024

Canadian Casinos and PayPal March 2024

PayPal is the world’s biggest name in online payments. There are a few newer e-wallets out there creeping up in popularity, like Venmo and TransferWise, but none have surpassed the widespread usage experienced by PayPal.

Since it was founded in 1998, PayPal has just continued to grow, mostly because it is so easy to use but also because of its security. There is no simpler – or safer – way to send and receive payments, though many companies have tried. There was a brief moment when paying for online gambling with a PayPal deposit was a likely possibility for Canadians.

At the time, there was a lot of controversy on the topic of online betting in the US, so the PayPal company pulled out of online gaming altogether. Recently, we are seeing PayPal reenter the online gambling industry, but so far not in the Great White North. At least not quite yet, making it difficult for Canadian players to gamble online.

It shouldn’t be too long until we see this logo included among the payment methods of the top Canadian casinos.

Why Isn’t PayPal Available for Canadian Gamblers?

Canadians have the luxury to use free and safe PayPal to pay on millions of sites as a banking option. And that they do! PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods and is used to purchase everything from Amazon products to that monthly gym membership you may or may not be using. Any transactions related to online gambling (either deposits or withdrawing) are, however, prohibited.

Online casino sites accept money through PayPal across the pond, so what’s the big deal?

Why are Canadian gambling sites so hesitant to start accepting PayPal deposits? Part of it is due to the lack of regulation. Unlike countries in Europe, Canada is relatively new to the online gaming industry, therefore it is not as regulated.

Spinning the slots, online poker and real money games are becoming way more popular in Canada by the day, but Canadians still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to casinos accepting PayPal and online gambling as a whole. European sites are more established than Canadian online casinos, meaning they have had time to sort out a variety of payment methods, including PayPal. Canada is not quite there yet, but is definitely on the verge of making it happen.

Maybe One Day in Canada

It’s not impossible that we Canadian gamblers could use PayPal in the (near) future. In fact, it is pretty certain that PayPal will be accepted by sites like LeoVegas, Betway casino and Royal Vegas sooner rather than later. Canadian sites like these are accepting payment through e-wallets like InstaDebit and iDebit. PayPal casinos in Canada shouldn’t be too far behind.

While PayPal has a very complicated gambling policy, things are not as bleak as they could be. The list of countries where PayPal can be used to fund gaming accounts (withdraw money and send money) expands steadily, with countries being added every year. With that in mind, you can check out the instructions on how you would use PayPal at online casinos if you could.

How Would I Use PayPal to Deposit Casino Funds?

  1. Access your online casino account. Select whether you wish to deposit or withdraw funds and how much.
  2. Choose PayPal as your preferred method of payment.
  3. You’ll be redirected to the official PayPal site and required to input your login details.
  4. Authorise the transaction by following the instructions provided by PayPal.

Keep in mind that the steps listed above are hypothetical since you can’t yet use PayPal for online gambling. But once you’re allowed, you are ahead of the game since you now know the steps involved for gambling with PayPal funds.

If PayPal online casinos ever does become available for Canadians, making deposits will be super easy. You’d go to the online casino’s cashier, choose PayPal as your preferred method of payment, and determine the amount you wish to deposit. You’ll then be directed to the official PayPal site where you’ll have to enter your login details. Then and you’re done. Once set up you can enjoy real money slots games, live dealer and sports bets and even withdraw using PayPal.

If you’ve ever used PayPal before, this all probably sounds familiar. The process will be completely the same as using PayPal on any other site. For depositing money into your casino account, the funds are transferred in real time, allowing you to begin playing almost immediately and with fast payout speed.

What about withdrawing with PayPal?

Withdrawals at casinos with PayPal will be just as simple. Instead of clicking the “Deposit” button on the casino cashier page, you’ll choose “Withdraw” instead. Each casino site has a different policy when it comes to withdrawing, so the wait time depends on the casino you’re playing with and its specific policies. Withdrawn funds could show up in your PayPal account instantly or it could take a few days to process.


Is PayPal Safe?

PayPal is a third-party payment processor which adds to the safety and security of transferring money online. It adds to security because the vendor (online store, or in this case, the gambling site) never gets your payment details.

Instead, PayPal handles all the security issues and passes on the funds (but not your payment details) to the vendor. This means that if an online store gets hacked, the criminals don’t get your card details since PayPal didn’t pass on those details when you made the purchase.

How do I set up a PayPal account?

Setting up an account takes a max of 5 minutes, letting you deposit money to your casino account ASAP.

In order to use PayPal to fund your online casino account, you need to first have a PayPal account. You will need to sign up online and register via the payment processor’s website. Enter the required details to open your account. It’s super easy.

Are there PayPal fees and transaction limits?

There are no fees (or rather casinos pay the fees, not you) attached to a PayPal account and there is no minimum monthly deposit amount either. These details also add to its attractiveness, yet another reason we’re hoping it will be available for Canadians soon.

The Best PayPal Casino for Canadians

As you know already, there isn’t one at the moment. There are, however, fabulous online casinos with excellent alternatives to PayPal. PartyCasino is our number one pick. An online gaming giant is one of the largest online casino operators in the world and superior choice for Canadian gamblers.

PartyCasino has a plethora of supported Canadian banking methods. And when the PayPal sooner or later re-enters the Canadian gambling market, PartyCasino is probably the first one to support PayPal transfers.

We foresee Party Casino being one of the first Canadian gaming sites to accept PayPal.

While we’re waiting for that, you can easily deposit to PartyCasino with Visa, Mastercard or iDebit, among many other convenient payment methods. Interac Online is another popular Canadian payment method, which is accepted by tons of casinos like LeoVegas.

PayPal Alternatives for Canadian Casino Gamblers

So, Canadian online gamblers can’t use PayPal just yet. There’s no need to worry though. While we patiently await for PayPal to become a payment method, it’s possible to use either your bank card, instant eChecksbitcoins, or e-wallets like InstaDebit – effectively a “Canadian PayPal” – to fund your casino account.

Just like PayPal, both InstaDebit and its almost-identical-cousin iDebit are fast, secure and convenient way of funding your account directly from your bank account. They’re found at most online casinos like at Rizk and LeoVegas.

Excellent payment options for Canadians & $1600 in bonuses