2024 Best Real Money Online Roulette for Canadians

Online roulette is as exciting as offline – especially when you get that same thrill in the comfort of your own home. As Canadian players, we have access to the best real money roulette sites found on the internet. Excellent games, mobile action, full support for playing in Canadian Dollars … these sites have it all.

There’s certainly nothing like the excitement of betting on a roulette table. You place your bet, the wheel begins to spin and the little white ball is spun inside the roulette wheel. Will the ball settle on your chosen number?

Best Online Roulette Casinos June 2024

Best Roulette Sites in Canada June 2024

There’s a huge difference between playing roulette in a regular casino and playing it online. First of all, you don’t even have to leave the house to spin the roulette wheel when you choose to play online. There are a few differences in terms of overall gameplay as well, but nothing too major.

Another perk of visiting the best roulette casinos on the web is that there are no crowds online. In regular casinos, the Roulette tables can become so crowded that you need to either wait your turn or elbow your way to the table. When you play online, you never have to wait — you can play exactly when you want, where you want.

When playing online, you get to choose between American, European, French and even Jackpot Roulettes

Sure, visiting a brick and mortar casino can be fun. But when you just want to spin the wheel without all the muss and fuss, you can’t beat the convenience of online roulette. Deciding on an online casino to spin the wheel won’t be easy, here’s what you need to look for:

  • Tons of roulette options, not just one or two
  • An easy-to-use mobile gaming option
  • A decent wagering requirement on roulette games
  • A selection of other games like poker, slots, and blackjack

Live Online Roulette

If you love regular casino roulette but prefer to do your gaming online from home, Spin Casino is for you.

Spin Casino has excellent live dealer Roulette games. In a live dealer game, you see a live video feed from a real-life casino. You play live dealer games as any other online game. You place your bets with your mouse and your wins or losses are added and subtracted from your account.

Live dealer games combine the best parts of offline and online gambling. If you haven’t tried live dealer Roulette yet, now is the time to get started.

Play for Free

You can never play roulette for free in a land-based casino. Online? No problem.
If you see a Roulette game you’d like to test, you can play it in free mode for as long as you want. You can switch to real money after making sure the game is what you’re looking for.

Playing Roulette on Mobile

Roulette is perfect for mobile devices, like phones and tablets. One round lasts only seconds, which is perfect when you are bored for a few minutes. Just pull out your phone, play a couple of spins, and then go on with your day.

Since roulette is one of the most popular games offered by both landbased and online casinos, gaming sites are putting a huge focus on their mobile roulette gameplay. You find the best mobile Roulettes at Guts Casino and Casumo.

Roulette Takes Many Forms

You can find many different versions of roulette at internet casinos. While space restrictions limit the number of roulette games in land casinos, online casinos will offer tons of choices.

The most common variations are European Roulette, French Roulette, American Roulette and 3D Roulette. Mini Roulette, a smaller and faster version of the game, is also popular. Some online casinos also offer progressive Roulette jackpot games.

Here’s a breakdown of the most common roulette variations:

  1. American Roulette: Normal roulette game, where the wheel has two green numbers: zero (0) and double zero (00)
  2. European Roulette: Same as American Roulette, but the wheel has only one green number: zero (0).
  3. French Roulette: Same as European Roulette, but with one extra rule: La Partage.

In the French version, La Partage means that if the ball lands on the zero, bets placed on 50/50 bets (like red/black) don’t lose. What happens next depends on how the casino interprets La Partage: players either get their money back or the bets are placed en prison (“in prison”) and the next spin decides their fate.

Roulette Tips and Betting Strategy

Similar to slots, Roulette is a pure game of chance. Sometimes very smart people try to come up with Roulette beating tactics but nobody ever comes up with anything. That being said, you can follow these basic Roulette tips and guidelines to make your chances of winning better.

Roulette Games from Best to Worst: French, European, American
The French and European versions of roulette have better odds than American Roulette. American Roulette has two zeros (0, 00) on the wheel, which makes the odds worse for you.

So whenever you have a choice of games, always go for the French Roulette. If that is not available, go for the European one.

Don’t Pay for Betting Systems
Steer away from the betting systems that can be found online, especially those that are being sold for money. They don’t work.

The best roulette ‘betting system’ is to not bet a lot on highly unlikely bets, like single numbers. This doesn’t make you win, but it makes sure you get the maximum enjoyment from your money.

Take Advantage of Free Roulette Games
Online casinos allow you to play free roulette. It’s always worth playing the free roulette games first, trying out different betting combinations.

Go for a Jackpot

Did you know that you can turn $1 into hundreds of thousands by playing roulette? This miracle requires two things: lots and lots of luck and Roulette Royale. You can find Roulette Royale at Mr Green.

Roulette Royale: spin the same number 5 times in a row and win hundreds of thousands of CAD

Roulette Royale is an online game with a progressive jackpot. Part of each bet goes into the jackpot, which grows and grows until somebody wins it. Usually, the pot is around $300,000 – $500,000 (in Canadian dollars) when it’s won.

So how do you win the pot? By spinning the same number five times in a row. If you manage to pull off this lucky feat, you need to start thinking about how to invest your six-figure earnings.

Roulette Bonuses

When you sign up with an online casino, you are offered new player bonuses. You should know that before you can withdraw any of the bonus money, you need to fulfill playthrough – or wagering – requirements.

Roulette is not a good game for clearing bonuses. Online casinos do one of two things when it comes to Roulette and bonuses: they either ignore Roulette bets or only take into account a small percentage of them.

When you sign-up to a casino, you can do one of two things. You can either ask not to get a bonus or you can play other games besides Roulette. By far the best game for playing towards bonus requirements is slots.

Best Online Roulette Site: Party Casino

When you click on the “Roulette” category at Party Casino, you’ll get about 30 results

We’ve narrowed down the best online roulette site to the one and only Party Casino. On top of the $500 in potential bonus cash for Canadians signing up, these features make Party Bonus the ultimate roulette playground:

  • Looks stunning: Photorealistic graphics and smooth animations
  • No download: No need for a roulette app, just click on the game and start playing
  • Autoplay: Relax by setting the game to play spin after spin on its own
  • Hot & cold numbers: The game keeps track of the hottest and coldest numbers and shows them to you
Grab $500 Live Casino Bonus on Online Roulette