Best online craps for Canadians

Imagine being at a craps table. Bets have been placed, the shooter has already rolled the come out and the point dice. As the dice are rolled again, the excitement mounts as the game continues, and wagers are won or lost.

When we play craps, we want to roll the dice every single round ourselves – this is why we play at online casinos. Imagine it: you place your wager, and with the click of a button, you roll the virtual dice. You get to sit down and be comfortable when you do so. Here are some of our favorite craps casinos.

Here are the best online casinos for playing Craps. You can try their games for free or go for real money. All of our choices are suited to Canadian players: play in CAD, get customer support from a toll-free Canadian phone number, etc.

Best craps games and sites 2018

Spin Palace

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  • Excellent craps game with authentic Las Vegas rules
  • Spin Palace has been a Canadian favorite since its launch in 2001
  • Bonus: C$1000 & Free Spins

Online gambling giant with more than 1.5 million players.
  • You can play's craps either in your browser or download it
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Online vs Offline

Land-based craps and online craps are basically the same game: they both are played with exactly the same rules.

While the game itself is the same, some may prefer to head out to the casino floor while others prefer playing from home.

It all depends on whether you wish to dress up or dress down, or stand around the craps table vs. sitting in a comfortable chair. If you crave the excitement and the company of strangers at land-based casinos, there are many great Canadian brick and mortar casinos to go to.

There are, however, many advantages to playing craps in an online casino.

The pressure to make quick betting decisions does not exist. You can make your own rational betting choices without anybody hassling you.

If you are new to the game, or wish to change your regular bet, you have the time to look up any betting information. You even get to learn the game without any stress by playing free craps before starting to play with real money.

Mobile Craps

Playing mobile craps is much the same as playing online craps. You can place the same wagers as other craps games, and can do so from your mobile phone or from your tablet.

Craps is not available at all online casinos, as many sites choose to offer the Chinese dice game Sic-Bo instead. This also means that mobile craps isn’t available everywhere. You’ll have the best luck finding a mobile game by sticking to the casinos found on the list above.

Playing craps – It’s not as difficult as it looks

online craps table

Playing craps is not as confusing as it may seem at first.

Casino craps can be very fast-paced. The tables are also often crowded and roudy, making learning how to play craps even more daunting.

There is no reason to feel intimidated. The game is simple and if you play online, you’ll have time to learn it in the calm of your own home at your own pace.

How to play craps

One player rolls the dice. You bet on the outcome. That’s all there is to it! What makes craps seem so complicated are the numerous betting options marked on the table.

You’ll do fine just by learning how to play a “pass” bet.

When you bet on Pass, you bet that the player rolling the dice will be successful. The player rolling the dice (who could be you) rolls the dice.

The first roll of a player is called a “come out” roll. If the roll is 2, 3 or 12 all Pass bets lose. If the roll is 7 or 11 the pass line bets win. With any other result, the player rolling the dice rolls again.

From the second roll onward the roller tries to hit the result of their first roll, which is marked on the table as a small sign that says “on” (this is called a point). If the player then rolls a seven, all Pass bets lose. If the player rolls their original number, all Pass bets win.

That’s all there is to it. The game is so exciting, because many rounds of rolling may be needed to find out if Pass bets win or lose.

Best craps strategy

Like Roulette and many other casino games, craps is a game of luck with no real best strategy. Some people believe you can control the dice. This is not true, all you can do is place your bets the best you can.

The best Craps bet is “taking the odds”. Unlike other bets, taking the odds is not marked on the table. You can choose it by first playing a Pass line bet. When you get a point, place money between the Pass line and the edge of the table. You’re now taking the odds, which means you are betting that you’ll roll your original number again before you roll seven.

Taking the odds pays exactly according to odds. That is to say the bet has no house edge, which makes it different from every other bet you can make at a casino. The amount of money you can bet to take odds is tied to your original Pass line bet. Usually you can bet 3-5 times the size of your original bet.

Note that even online taking odds is not visible on the table. However, if you move your cursor between Pass line and the edge of the table you can make this bet.

One more tip
Don’t play Proposition bets. They have the worst odds of all the different things you can do at a craps table.

Our favorite Craps game

real money craps game

Our favorite online craps game is Spin Palace’s Vegas Craps.

  • Take odds: you can bet take odds up to three times the size of your original bet
  • Easy to play: hover your cursor over the table and a small pop-up explains each bet
  • Excellent casino: Spin Palace is a top quality site with more than 600 games to choose from