Best Online Bingo for Canadians

“Bingo!” What a great word to hear, especially if you’re the one shouting it out. When you play online bingo, you now have the chance to enjoy the excitement of bingo without all the fuss. You’ll be able to shout out “Bingo!” every single day, all while never leaving the house.

These are the best online bingo sites for Canadian players. They offer great games combined with services oriented to Canadian players, like playing in CAD and (if needed) getting customer support from a toll-free number.

Real Money Bingo Online

There is nothing quite like screaming the word “Bingo!” at the top of your lungs after an intense round of the game, especially when the chance to win real money is at stake. Nowadays, experiencing this rush of bingo-induced adrenaline is possible even while you’re lounging on the couch at home.

You’ll never have to visit a bingo hall like this one when you choose to play online instead

Canadian casino sites are no longer just focusing on their slot offerings. You can find everything from blackjack and baccarat to roulette and craps, and of course, bingo.

Can I Play Online Bingo for Real Money?

Absolutely. Playing bingo for real money is simple, here’s what to do:

  1. Choose a Canadian online casino that fits your gaming needs, like LeoVegas or Spin Casino
  2. Sign up and register an account with the casino of your choosing and make your first deposit
  3. Browse the casino’s games categories and explore the Bingo options
  4. Start playing Bingo!

In some situations, you can even play for real money without actually spending a dime. This depends on the casino bonuses and whether bingo games are included in the bonus Terms & Conditions – which they almost always are.

Online vs Land-Based Bingo

Bingo is played almost the exact same way both online and offline. When you play in a bingo hall, the caller randomly draws the bingo balls and calls out the numbers as they come up. The same thing happens in online bingo. It’s just that on the internet the drawing is done by Random Number Generator software instead of a real person.

In any Bingo game, you win if you are the first player to complete the specified patter for that round, or if you’re the first one to fill out the entire card. If you want to take it easy, you can have the computer do all the dabbing and bingo calling for you. This way you’ll never miss a bingo if you have to look away from your screen.

Advantages of Playing Online

In bingo games like this one the winner could walk away with thousands of dollars.

The Computer Will Play For Your

In online bingo, you can take a break without missing a beat. Set the game on autoplay and it’ll keep track of the game while you are away from your computer or phone screen. The bingo software will even ‘press’ the bingo button for you when you win.

You Can Socialize…Or Not

You can choose whether or not you want to be social by chatting with other players. Many players are very chatty online, so getting to know your fellow bingo lovers is easy. Not feeling chatty? Simply turn off the chat or play a one player game if that’s what you prefer.

Spin the Slots in Between Bingo Rounds

Playing online bingo gives you the choice of a number of side games, such as slots and scratch card games. You can enjoy a round of slot games between bingo games if you feel like taking a break from bingo. You can even try roulette or other similar table games. You can even play some slots for free and win real money. If you want to take full advantage of this, visit PartyCasino for their free spins offer.

Playing on Mobile

Real money mobile bingo is gaining popularity among Canadian players by the day. Bingo is a great game to play on a tablet (iPad or Android) or a smartphone (iPhone or Android) since even on the smallest screen it’s still perfectly playable.

Playing bingo while on the go is great, too. It’s easy, fun, and the game mode can be set to autoplay if you can’t give your full undivided attention. Just remember not to scream “Bingo!” too loudly in public, or by all means go ahead, just be prepared to get some strange looks.

Bingo Bonuses and Promotions

There are quite a few bingo bonuses available for Canadians right now. These include everything from deposit bonuses to no-deposit bonuses. You can even get free bingo tickets or free bingo games that offer up the chance to win real money prizes.

Most of these bonuses are offered to new players of each site. However, there are some promotions such as reload bonuses that are offered to veteran online bingo players. While bingo bonuses may look smaller than other online gaming bonuses, the games are usually played for lower stakes than other games.

The Best Bingo Bonus April 2024

Unibet Canada has consistently ranked #1 as the best bingo bonus in Canada. They’ll match your first deposit by a whopping 100%, so if you put down $100 you’ll get $200 to play. And yes, the Unibet bonus can be used towards bingo games.

It’s almost as if Unibet was created with bingo players in mind

Different Bingo Games Played Online

There are quite a few versions of bingo in the gaming industry, but the main bingo variants are 75 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, and 90 Ball Bingo.

75 Ball Bingo
This is the simplest version of bingo. You have fewer numbers to keep track of, making this game the easiest to play. This version of bingo is a great choice for both new and veteran bingo players.

80 Ball Bingo
This bingo variant is based on the land-based game known as Shutterboard or CashLine. The game is played in the same way as 75 ball bingo but has extra bingo balls.

90 Ball Bingo
This bingo version has become the most popular of the online bingo variants. Since the computer can keep track of how you are doing, having more balls in the game doesn’t make it more complicated when you play online.

Bingo Tips and Strategies

Don’t Buy More Cards than You Can Handle
Unless you are planning to choose the autoplay (or auto-daub) option, don’t buy more cards than you can handle in one game. Without using auto-daub, players should limit themselves to three or four bingo cards per game.

Try the Free Games
Make use of the free online bingo games that are available. These games are great to play when you have finished your bingo budget but still want to play for the heck of it. Free games are great for new players who want to get familiar with the game first before playing for real cash.

Don’t Miss Out on Chatroom Promotions
There are often chatroom games and promotions going on for bingo. Even if you don’t chat, it’s a good idea to check the chatroom every so often to see if there is something exciting going on.

Play at Off-Peak Times
Playing at off-peak times could increase your chances of winning since there are fewer players competing in the same bingo games.

Best Online Bingo Site

There is no doubt in our hearts that Unibet is the best site to play bingo. The casino has everything from bingo minigames to full-blown bingo tournaments. You can play for the big bucks with a bingo jackpot game or just play for fun with the free gameplay mode. But bingo isn’t the only thing offered by Unibet.

  • Tons of games to choose from, including table games, slots, and sports betting
  • Great Canadian Welcome Bonus – Unibet will double your first deposit
  • Plenty of secure payment options for Canadians
  • An amazing loyalty program specific to Bingo players
Deposit $100, Play with $200